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A regal knight who belongs to the Band of the Peacock. They are proud, and like to stand out on the battlefield and whilst sparring. All in the band are left handed, adding exclusivity to their band, and all fight with two-handed weapons. The Band are often paid to fight for others, and due to their popularity, they are wealthy men. The idea behind the knight is to create a design that is visually striking but also believable as something that could have existed in real life. The medieval era and aesthetic is something I love, and with many games and films based on this era being my biggest inspiration artistically, I thought I’d make my own knight. These include Dark Souls, The Witcher, Skyrim and Berserk.

  • Vibrant, royal colours
  • Knight
  • Medieval era
  • Realistic in proportion and surface detail
  • Regal

More renders on Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/64gG6


Overall, I’m pleased with how my character turned out, and feel it reflects what my original idea for the character was. It was definitely a challenge to create a character from scratch, and proved to be good practice in justifying design whilst creating visual narrative. I’ve greatly underestimated some aspects of the character, which has led to a lack of time to put in in other places such as the texture work and documentation. Having said that, I’ve learnt from my mistakes and feel like this character has pushed my modelling ability in areas such as the pauldron creation and Marvelous Designer meshes. After creating a range of poses for the character, I‘ve learnt that I should improve my rigging and skinning skills, as well as posing. 

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Tags3D, armour, claymore, knight, Medieval, peacock, Swords


PeacockKnightPackage.zip 138 MB
Shannon Symonds - Search for a Star Character Production Document and Plan.pdf 4 MB


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Gorgeous Model.

Dude am playing dark souls tonight if I can x'). epic


Hi Shannon,

Is this model available for use in a commercial product or is it here simply as a tutorial on how you created it?  I'd love to use it in a rendered image we would add to a puzzle building game we are creating.


Very nice

This model is amazing, consider me inspired :)